Things you should know about Kuratif


Our parents were part-time hippies so growing up we would spend large amounts of time in esoteric stores in little towns outside of Mexico City. We would visit Shamans and get our energy cleared on a weekly basis. We grew up knowing that intention and nature had the abilities to cure us. 

Yaffa launched Umai Amber, an amber jewelry company, in 2012, after experiencing the healing properties of nature work on her teething toddler and arthritis-stricken mom. She had a very hard time finding genuine amber, but her commitment to helping other moms and families set her on a journey of finding, sourcing and designing the highest quality amber necklaces and bracelets on the market.

In 2017, Janna traveled to Bali, Indonesia, for a Yoga retreat. As she walked down the streets of Ubud one day, she saw the most stunning gemstone jewelry but recollected from Yaffa's experience how important authenticity and quality were for the healing properties to truly work. What seemed authentic was also outrageously priced.

After that trip, Yaffa and Janna (sisters by blood, and best friends by choice) started talking about the opportunity to source fair-trade, high-quality crystals with their unique designs. Their mission was to create a jewelry collection that would be both beautiful and healing for the entire family. They wanted to combine the properties of gemstones with lava as a way to diffuse essential oils.

The name Kuratif came together after researching the word for 'healing' in Balinese, which also happens to be the mission of the company as well.

We hope you love our products and feel the love and healing energy in each one of them.